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I’ve answered all the asks I got but they’re not showing up but I did answer, I swear!

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Anonymous asked: I'm lonely too because my fiance lives 4000 miles away and I'm waiting for my visa and I have no idea when I'll get it. Could be like 5 months until I can see her again and I'm sad.

Keep the faith. I’ve been through the US visa process which was pretty long. We had to wait nine months before we could marry and had a lot of dealings with the US immigration service for four years afterwards. I don’t know what countries you’re both from but they usually want to get the easy cases through quickly. It’ll be worth it, trust me. We’ve been married nearly 14 years now and oddly enough, we’re tackling the UK system now.

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There are two things in life that I want: 1) for my little boy to be happy. 2) if he writes an autobiography, that it paints me in a good light.

I mean seriously, how does anyone who’s raised one of these adorable little DNA repositories, who’s cried over their first word, nearly burst with pride over their first steps, loved them, cared for them, held their hand every step of the way decide that they’re going to disown them because of who their child loves or who they decide to be?

Love your kids for who they are, if they are good people, and be proud that you were the one that raised them.

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