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In addition to Robin Williams dying, Gaza is a mess, Iraq is a mess, Syria is a mess, Ebola is a mess, Ukraine is a mess, Turkey is a mess and the Nigerian school girls are still missing. The American police force is a mess, the prison system is a mess, gun…

This is why we should all go out there and be the best people we can be. Don’t let the darkness win.

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25 pounds can buy 150 bandages. 50 pounds can feed 5 families for a day. 100 pounds could provide an emergency shelter kit and blankets for one family. This is an urgent humanitarian crisis, so the DEC needs us to act now. [X]

For more information please go to dec.org.uk

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girlwithblackguitar asked: I am totally taken aback by the beauty of your drawings, your talent is absolutely incredible! Seriously, congratulations for each and every one of them, they're masterpieces!

Wow, thank you so much! I hoping to get drawing more, it’s getting harder to keep up with the quality of the amazing art in the Sherlock fandom.