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An Edit a Day - Benedict Cumberbatch - [395/?]

Glasses, strut, crotch, brains, sensitivity, intelligence, all that other good stuff like the bottom of the pan when you do a good roast unless you’re vegetarian or vegan and in that case a nice mushroom.

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Also, my rich parent-in-law type people are visiting with us and I might have mentioned that I might need a new laptop but not for drawing Sherlock porn because that would be wrong.

I did it for you lot.

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Went out for dinner, drank a fair bit, back to find one of my Tumblr fics broke 100 notes. Epic night. Epic. Thank you xxx

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Every night I look through the Kindle catalogue on Amazon and my fingers twitch because so many books at the tips of my fingers and a few well placed taps and I can own any of them and by Jesus this is too much responsibility for one human being to have…